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Shakespeare Anyone? is created, written, produced, and hosted by Korey Leigh Smith and Elyse Sharp. 

Korey Leigh Smith is an actor, writer, teacher and fellow Shakespeare nerd new to Los Angeles! Her goal as a podcaster is to a.) finish the complete works of Shakespeare b.) nerd out over scholarly research without the crippling debt of grad school and c.) dissect and translate Shakespeare as a tool for others. In addition to podcasting, she is working to transition from theatre into television and sell her own TV show. When she's not researching or audio engineering (which isn't very often — podcasts are WORK!), she tries to stay active, have a social life, travel and devour great stories (any medium).

Elyse Sharp is a professional actor working on the West Coast. At the age of 9, and inspired by an episode of the PBS series Wishbone, she rewrote Romeo and Juliet for a fourth grade class project. She has served as a private Shakespeare instructor and acting coach for the past five years and has been a guest lecturer on Shakespeare at several high schools in California. She has a life-goal to perform in all plays of Shakespeare's canon at least once. So far, she's done 14 out of 39.