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Dec 22, 2021

Before we dive into our next play, we are taking the time to revisit both of the plays we covered this year. For this episode, we re-read Twelfth Night and will be discussing what we noticed in the reading and what was different for us after spending six months researching and studying the play. 

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Nov 10, 2021

To wrap up our deep dive into Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, we are bringing things full circle by examining the 00's teen classic movie that introduced both of us (and many others) to the plot of Twelfth Night: She's the Man, starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. 

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Oct 13, 2021

In today's episode, we are exploring the character of Malvolio by diving into the history of the Puritan Movement in Early Modern England. Because Malvolio is described throughout the play as a Puritan, we will examine what a contemporary understanding of Puritanism would have added to the play (and especially that...

Sep 15, 2021

Where did Shakespeare get his jokes? In today's episode, we dive into the comedic tropes Shakespeare uses in the plot of Twelfth Night and where they came from. 

Shakespeare Anyone? is created and produced by Kourtney Smith and Elyse Sharp.

Note: When this episode was recorded, Kourtney Smith was "Korey Leigh Smith".

Aug 18, 2021

In today's episode, we explore Shakespeare's Twelfth Night through the lens of Gender and Queer Theory. We take a look at how Early Modern concepts of gender and queerness may have influenced the writing of Twelfth Night and how modern productions use the play to explore themes related to gender and queer identity.